About Centenary Reserve

Members of the Bushcare Group July 20

Blackheath Centenary Reserve is a small area of bushland of just over two hectares, which lies between Brentwood and Cleopatra Streets, Blackheath. Although a small area, the Reserve contains a good biodiversity of native plants indicative of ridgetop vegetation. This type of vegetation has been removed over time for housing development, so it is an important remnant in the area. Many local residents often walk through the Reserve.

The boundaries of Centenary Reserve

The Reserve and the bushcare group were established in 1987 making it the oldest group operating in the Blue Mountains.  This was recognized by presentation of the first 30 year award at the Council’s Annual Bushcare Picnic in April 2017.

Serious infestations of gorse and broom have long been controlled but the reserve continues to need maintenance weeding and faces challenges such as a hazard reduction burn which resulted in carpets of gorse seedlings.

There are also ongoing management issues such as encroachment, where there has been a recent success in blocking access to the NW corner of the reserve.  Another longstanding project is the establishment of a loop walking track with plant signage.

New members are welcome to join. The Group meets on the second Friday of each month from 9am – 12 noon at the end of Brentwood Avenue.