Monthly Archives: December 2017

More New Plants

Gastrodia procera (Potato Orchid) Dec 17 Photo: Jan Allen

At the November workday and while walking through the reserve  Jan spotted (and photographed) some more new plants, a Potato orchid (Gastrodia procera), Forked Comb Fern (Schizaea bifida) and a Grevillea X gaudichaudii, a natural hybrid of G. acanthifolia and G. laurifolia, both of which occur on the reserve.  Thanks to Jan for the excellent photos.

Thats now 125 plants on the reserve’s plantlist.

Also flowering on the reserve at present is the Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major), and there are many Large Tongue Orchids (Cryptostylis subulata) sprouting so we are expecting a great display of these by January.


Schizaea bifida (Forked Comb Fern) Dec 17 Photo: Jan Allen

Gastrodia procera (Potato Orchid) Dec 17 Photo: Jan Allen


Grevillea X gaudichaudii Dec 17 Photo: Jan Allen

Caleana Major (Flying Duck Orchid) Dec 17 Photo: Keith Brister

New Plants Observed

Red Bearded Orchid (Calochilus paludosus) Nov 17 Photo: Jan Allen

During our November workday 3 plants, not previously recorded in the reserve were spotted.

These were:

Calochilus paludosus, Red Bearded Orchid

Geitonoplesium cymosum, Scrambling Lily

Grevillea acanthifolia

The Grevillea in particular was a surprise as it’s common around swamps and damp areas in Blackheath, not on top of a ridge where the reserve is.  Many thanks to Jan Allen for observation and plant ID.



Cryptandra amara Jun 17 Photo: Paul Vale

Also recently spotted was Cryptandra amara.  Thanks to Paul Vale for the observation and Monica Nugent for ID.