Monthly Archives: March 2020

Visitors, Fungi & Fallen Trees

Fallen tree Mar 20 Photo: Keith Brister

Last workday I was surprised to see 2 large trees across the large slashed area at the Brentwood Ave entrance to the reserve, 1 of them across the stone ring where we have morning tea. The canopy in this area is getting quite sparse with trees dying and much storm damage over the last few years so this was a disappointment. Happily there are quite a few saplings coming up.

We were happy to welcome Lis Bastian and 2 students from Blue Mountains Pluriversity to learn about bushcare. Josh and Wil were enthusiastic participants and helped us with some weeding and spotting fungi. One of these was the Scleroderma cepa photographed by Jan.

Scleroderma cepa Mar 20 Photo: Jan Allen