Monthly Archives: July 2020

Brentwood Ave access closed at last

Brentwood Ave entrance Jul 20 Photo: Keith Brister

We were all very pleased on our arrival at the July bushcare day to see workmen relocating the post and chain gate at the Brentwood Ave entrance to the reserve. Access in this area has been a longstanding issue and in 2015 these posts were erected 50m further into the reserve. As reported in a blog on 7/9/17 the track behind the posts is regenerating well. It’s the same track we were mulching last month.

Finally with a change of ownership of the adjoining property the chain has been moved to the entrance. Also in this photo is the reset entrance sign – it had been absent for a while waiting for new steel support posts.

We were also able to take a new group photo with the restored sign and everyone present. It’s the one on the home page.