Monthly Archives: December 2020

More snails and Crinkle Bush in flower

Jan has provided us with more pictures of Cystopelta astra out and about in the reserve today in the continuing drizzly weather. Nice to see it on the Crinkle Bush (Lomatia silaifolia) which is flowering very well this year, particularly in burnt areas, but also in the reserve as you can see.

If you are wondering why the ‘slug’ appears to have a distinct shell in some of these photos, apparently some native snails have their shell inside. So I should have been calling it a snail.

Cystopelta astra on Lomatia silaifolia Dec 20 Photo: Jan Allen
Cystopelta astra on the move Dec20 Photo: Jan Allen

Wet weather and a slug

Unfortunately the last two work days have been cancelled due to wet weather. One positive from this is that the vegetation is thriving and showing good recovery from the drought. Even the Coral Fern which had died right back last year is showing new growth at last.

Also the slugs like the wet weather and Jan recently spotted an unusual one and had it identified on iNaturalist as Cystopelta cf. astra or Snowy Mountains Humpback Snail. Apparently it hadn’t been reported from this area before.

Cystopelta cf.astra Dec 20 Photo: Jan Allen

Jan also recently spotted a new addition to the plant list, Caesia parviflora ar. parviflora

Caesia parviflora var. parviflora Dec 20 Photo: Jan Allen