As outlined elsewhere in this webpage, Bushcare work at Blackheath Centenary Reserve began in 1987, over 30 years ago and has continued since, making the Group the oldest in the Blue Mountains.

Over that time, many major projects have been completed:

–  Control of extensive Gorse and Broom infestations, with extra help from local residents and the Cubs.

–  With grant funding, felling of Radiata Pines.

–  Fencing of the eastern part of the site.

–  Ongoing control of explosions of Blackberry, Cassytha and Parsonsia (two invasive native climbers, which respond to disturbed conditions).

–  Closure of duplicated pedestrian access tracks via brushmatting.

–  Ongoing lobbying for the closure of an illegal vehicle track, which is now gated and locked.

–  Brushmatting, mulching and weeding of the rehabilitated vehicle track/turning circle.

–  Installing a wooden seat in honour of Joyce Brister and Joan Storey – Bushcare pioneers.

–  Ongoing weeding and maintenance of the site to prevent infestations of mature weeds.

–  Creation and development of the Blackheath Centenary Reserve Bushcare Group webpage.

–  Maintenance of the Blackheath Centenary Reserve Bushcare Group Plant List.

–  Monitoring of the effects of a hazard reduction burn in the Reserve by pre and post fire surveys in six 20m2 plots