Monthly Archives: January 2021

Reserve recovering well from drought

Our January workday was the first in 3 months due to wet weather in November and December. But all that rain has done wonders for the reserve and it’s looking green and lush after the drought. As observed before the Coral Fern (Gleichenia dicarpa) had all browned off 12 months ago but is now showing welcome shoots of green. It’s almost like the recovery from bushfire in some ways with Crinkle Bush (Lomatia silaifolia) flowering strongly in the reserve just as in nearby burnt areas.

Gelichenia dicarpa regrowth Jan21 Photo: Keith Brister

Persoonia myrtilloides is also flowering and having sprouted well after the hazard reduction burn in 2011 is a major component of a dense head-high ‘forest’ which has grown after the fire at the western end of the reserve.

Pers oonia myrtilloides Jan21 Photo: Keith Brister

Also flowering well this month is Goodenia bellidifolia and the distinctive fruit of Billardiera scandens is ripening. The fruit turns deep purple and becomes squishy when ripe.

Goodenia bellidifolia Jan21 Photo: Keith Brister
Billardiera scandens fruit Jan21 Photo: Keith Brister

Another standout was Epacris pulchella with just a couple of plants spotted.

Epacris pulchella Jan21 Photo: Keith Brister